My Radical Purpose: A Midwife for Collective Liberation


As of late I am understanding my radical purpose to be as a midwife for collective liberation. And I know I am not alone in this. I know that I am one of millions of beings on the planet- in physical bodies and as spirits - who engineer spaciousness and support conditions that allow our natural unfolding toward wholeness- individually and collectively.

I have a long relationship with and appreciation for midwives. Many years ago before I birthed my babies with the help of midwives, I worked at a college for midwives and was so enamored with the concept of biodynamic birth (basically that under the right conditions birth is a naturally unfolding process for most bodies*). Then it was hard for me to really believe that we could trust our bodies to do something so hard because I had been conditioned to believe that to be impossible and yet at a very deep level I knew it was possible.

This is resonant with with my training in somatic healing, which is grounded in the idea that all systems will unfold toward healing and wholeness in a supportive and spacious environment free of expectations, agendas and manipulation.

The work of a midwife and my work as a practitioner and facilitator are so similar in the embodied experience of supporting the challenging, beautiful and ultimately creative process of birthing something new into the world through our bodies. It’s messy and beautiful and my highest honor is to support others in this process. And I am not the one doing the birthing. I am not the one who knows exactly what needs to happen when. I am there, holding space with loving presence and curiosity and compassion and trusting that what needs to happen will. And it does, every time.

I also know to really do this work I must be scaffolding my own life with the practices that keep me in integrity- doing my own growth, self-study, healing, asking for help, being in right relationships and resourcing. I am committed to that too as equally important- because all of our liberation is connected.

*If you are a person who has given birth physically, I understand that the way we chose to and are able to give birth to our babies and your personal experience with how that was for you may affect the way you receive this message. Please know that I support all people to birth (or not to birth) babies in the ways that their bodies need to do it. Bodies that don’t birth in a “natural way” are not wrong, bad or deficient. If this was true for you- Your body is wise and beautiful!! All our birthing processes are important and valid.

rachael koeson