"Rachael was able to help me during a very dark time in my life. I had not previously heard of Hakomi and I was blown away by the effectiveness of the method and particularly of Rachael- even by phone!
Rachael was patient with me and was able to make a big difference, more than anyone I tried locally. The things I learned by working with her have become tools I use on a regular basis to remind myself that I can care for me better than anyone else. The work I did with Rachael has made me a better person and mother. Sometimes I am still surprised at what she helped me accomplish by our time together." -JB

“Rachael has a wonderful presence about her. I had the honor of attending a workshop she facilitated after the 2016 election when my anger was boiling and she was able hold space for that, and help me get to what was beneath that even in the group setting. I was very impressed. I am honored to call her a friend and colleague.” -Jennifer DiGennaro, MA LLPC

“Rachael has such a wonderful, gentle, intuitive way of guiding the process of inner transformation while working with clients in Hakomi. If you're looking for a competent practitioner with heart and compassion, you found her!” - Sarah Parks Pittman, LLMSW, CHT


"Deeply talented, Rachael has an unparalleled ability to listen. She skillfully guides and prompts in a way that allows for self-knowledge, allowing me to arrive at a level of clarity and inner unity-of-being that I had not experienced in the past. The sessions I have spent with her have been at the exact level of emotional engagement and relaxation that I needed -- leaving me energized and focused for days afterwards. Rachael was always grounded when I was not. Always thoughtful when I was scattered. Always nudging me towards wholeness when I was fragmented.
Every session with Rachael left me more and more at ease with myself.
Rachael has the perfect mix of professional ability and deep compassion. She is easy to trust and inspired me to change in unexpected ways."

"Through my Hakomi sessions, I was able to see areas of my mental and physical health with "new eyes"-- having a clear vision by listening to my intuition. Rachael is a sensitive guide, sharing light and perspective only when areas of my health seemed perplexing. I am grateful for the opportunity to walk hand in hand with Rachael in this process of opening doors, observing and slowly walking into uncharted territories of myself. Hakomi is such an incredibly unique tool to better understand yourself, one that everyone could benefit from." -HD