What We Do Together

I am trained and certified in the “Hakomi” method and I am studying systems of oppression and how our developmental wounding is impacted by the systems within which we all live. Things that I prioritize in my work with clients are:

  • building toward a felt sense of self-compassion

  • naming and examining where and how our wounding is a result of systemic oppression (both in the role of “oppressor” and the role of “oppressed”)

  • developing capacity to stay with challenging emotions and experiences

  • getting to know and trust our intuition

  • claiming our own self, story and possibilities

  • embracing joy, pleasure and ease when they arise

  • learning to be more embodied more often

  • discovering together what practices nourish you and help you stay present in your own life as often as possible

I assist you in your own process of self-study, self-discovery and healing. I am not the expert- you are. I am here to gently help you see, feel and experience more about yourself and how you see the world in a safe and loving container. I am honored to do this work with you and am so grateful to all my clients for allowing me to walk with them on parts of their path toward greater wholeness.

I work in person and also by Zoom.

My guiding principles:

  • all systems (including yours) naturally unfold toward wholeness when in a supportive and nourishing environment

  • we create that environment together by collaborating compassionately with each other and with all of the parts of yourself

  • mindfulness helps us study how we experience ourselves and our lives and helps us get out of our automatic modes

  • deep spaciousness allows us to adjust our attitudes toward ourselves and encourages self-compassion

  • we are all products of our environments, we can’t study our individual wounding without understanding the systems that produced that wounding.

  • individual healing and collective healing are both important and necessary toward collective liberation

“What I want you to know is that radical self-love is not an impossibility. It is not even a destination. It’s your inherent sense of self. You came here, to this planet, as unapologetic self love.” - Sonya Renee Taylor