Staying Grounded when the Ground is Moving- Somatic Skills for Resiliency in challenging times

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 3-6pm
Grand Rapids, MI
Sliding scale $30-$60

This workshop is for folks who want to explore some embodiment skills and tools that will help you regulate your nervous system and build resiliency to stay present to the challenges in your life and that we face as humans alive at this time. We will engage in intuitive and structured practices to see what works for you and also feel into how to integrate these practices into your life in a realistic and sustainable way.

Self-compassion will be a key practice that we will also explore as well as feeling into the support of the group and nature.

Exact location will be determined based on size of the group. Registrants will be given that information, including all accessibility details, once the location is finalized.

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Unweaving Embodied Racial Dominance: A Cultural Somatics Worskhop for White Healers & Activists

Sunday, December 8, 1-6pm
Integrative Empowerment Group
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sliding scale $125-$225

In this workshop, we will use mindfulness and somatic awareness practices, along with anti-oppression frameworks, to build our capacity to hold the tension of self-compassion and responsibility. We will resource our nervous systems to uncover and begin to heal the pain of whiteness, so we can become more resilient, integrated, and transformative allies and accomplices in the movement for collective liberation.

Facilitated by Rachael Koeson and Lillie Wolff